We’re the Tea Experts

Every month, we deliver two amazing teas right to your doorstep. All teas are hand selected after rigorous taste testing trials and come from small farm growers. We only select premium teas that are of the highest quality and never mass produced.

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Delicious, Healthy, and Fun!

We scour the globe for only the best. Each of the teas we send to you come with information about the origin and history of the tea.  Learn about the region’s background, and the traditions and ceremonies associated with that tea.

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Tea Leaves and Cup

Exotic Premium Teas

We send you two new varieties of premium loose leaf tea each month. This is not your regular tea. In fact, you’re unlikely to find these teas even in specialty cafes. Our team of genuine tea experts takes great care to bring you fine, rare teas from all over the world. Each of these teas we bring to you offer a rich story, and none are ever mass-produced.